Penang Durian

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Local Delight

No visit is ever complete without the gastronomic adventure of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic culinary diversity. This “melting pot” is a result of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic population that has melded together over the years sampling tastes, ingredients and cooking methods from each other.Each region in Malaysia has something unique to offer from Penang’s “Char Kuey Teow” and “Asam Laksa” to Johor’s “Mee Rebus”.

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is the focal point of diversity for food from all over the world. You can savour the vast variety of food from the hawker stalls and markets, or indulge in the extravagant fusion cuisine by world class chefs in designer restaurants.Don’t be surprised to hear the locals planning what to eat for the next meal while savouring their current one at the table. It is also common to go on a culinary-get-away with many spending hours on the road just to explore the popular eateries throughout the country. The diverse choices of food are certainly cherished and celebrated by Malaysians.

When in doubt as to where to start in your own culinary adventure, don’t hesitate to ask the locals for the best local dish in the area. Malaysians are generally friendly and pride themselves of their “best kept secrets” when it comes to the best places to eat. Chances are you’ll find yourself in one of the street stalls off the beaten track licking your lips at the sight of delicious food that no travel brochure will tell you about? Want to experience the diverse food in Malaysia?

A Journey for your taste buds

  • Penang Durian Farm, Balik Pulau ( seasonal from May – Aug )

Durian is known as “king of fruit” in Southeast Asia cultures for its strong smell and taste. Savour the fruit in a natural woodlands environment right from the farm. There is no better place than Balik Pulau Penang. The textures and flavours, ranging from the smooth and fragrant to the husky and bitter-sweet, will undoubtedly leave an exquisite taste in your mouth and an unforgettable experience to remember.

Wait for freshly dropped durian, learn how to pick and choose durian, open it right before your eyes and enjoy the unusual creamy yellow flesh in this thorny fruit. Get the chance to try many other tropical fruits as well.It is said that “when you eat freshly-dropped durian, your tongue and lips will slightly numb”. Come experience on your own for this unique numb feeling.

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