Health Tourism

Health, Medical Tourism

Malaysia has been listed one of the only countries within the region where medical tourism is promoted by the government. Thus, Malaysia healthcare could provides medical tourists the assurance on quality care, regulation, safety standards and the governing laws within this industry.  Malaysia healthcare offers specialties in various medical disciplines and performs some of the most complicated treatments in the world. Today, the medical practices in Malaysia are at par with the some of the best in the world, incorporating both sophistication as well as international expertise.

Our team of renowned medical specialists have been trained in some of the most esteemed medical institutions in the world namely from the Australia, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Medical treatments are carried out in state-of-the-art facilities that have been furnished to meet international standards. Hence, the high quality in medical treatments is thus maintained at the technology as well as at the professional level.

Other than that, there are holiday advantages in Malaysia. Malaysia is enriched with spectacular architectural sites and offers you multiple holiday possibilities. So take the opportunity to have a vacation along with your treatment either through the various tailor made packages on offer or by helping you to build your own personalized holiday cum treatment packages.

Spa & Wellness, The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat

Here we find the heart and soul of The Banjaran experience – where the road to wellness truly begins. Experience the true inherent Asian philosophy of wellness and Malay Ramuan with treatments from the ancient ethnic traditions of indigenous Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. Our comprehensive menu includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic therapy, Malay healing rituals to contemporary spa treatments, using both pure and natural ingredients, as well as the purest extracts and essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates. an award-winning British product.

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