Sports Tourism

Formula One, MotoGP @ Sepang International Circuit

Learn how races such as the Formula 1 and MotoGP are managed, and get access to areas where no camera goes.

We’ll take you on a guided tour of the National Automobile Museum, Grandstand, Corporate Suites, Race Control Room, Time Keeping Room, Paddock Area and Media Center. Get your picture taken at the Podium where race legends celebrate their victories!

Visit the exclusive Perdana Suite reserved for Royalties and Foreign Dignitaries. If the track is vacant, you’ll have the golden opportunity to walk on the Starting Grid for the perfect photo opportunity.

Naam, Langkawi


Naam has the largest fleet of jet skis in the world, featuring the latest Yamaha Waverunner models that deliver top-notch performance with better fuel efficiency, cleaner exhausts and quieter operation than the older generation of jet skis. Along with their sporty good looks, the spacious, precision-stitched saddle seats on the Yamahas can accommodate up to three people comfortably.

Naam, pride themselves in running unique jet skis, which meet the highest safety standards. Each trip is monitored by a Safety Marshal fully trained in marine emergency and rescue procedures.

Sea Osprey

A custom made vessel specifically designed for the parasailer’s comfort, the Sea Osprey will bring you to a safe distance from the shore.

A leading bow design combined with a wide stance chine to ensure an extremely stable, smooth and entirely dry ride while the latest audio system makes the trip on the sea a fun part of the entire adventure.

With the latest technology, take-off and landing directly from the deck of the boat could not be any smoother.The perfect prerequisite for a heavenly ride with a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.

Sea Vulture

That the Sea Vulture is a whole new generation of speedboat is totally obvious from the first time you set eyes on its sharp, sexy design. But riding in this snarling beast is also quite a different experience. Unusual for a speedboat, the entire nose of the boat is brilliantly designed as passenger space. Its downward-curving bow gives riders at the front a high-octane thrill of blasting across the water just a couple of feet off the surface—a truly novel experience, even for seasoned speedboat riders.

The Sea Vulture features plush leather seats and a chest-pounding sound system—built for both comfort and exhilaration.

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